At Swyers Publishing we dedicate ourselves to helping writers.

Bill and Pam Swyers started Swyers Publishing to assist in getting aspiring writers' books published and into the marketplace. We are a small business that desires to grow as we help indie writers fulfill their goals. The publishing world (okay the entire world) has been turned on its ear since the internet came along. This combined with the struggling economy has made it near impossible for an author to get his foot in the door by traditional methods. That's where we come in... let us give you a leg up in publishing. The world is changing, and we're changing with it.

You can purchase Pam's books from our store. To find out more about her upcoming books visit her website.

publishing for the rest of us

Feel free to contact us and we will try and help you on your journey to getting published. We wish you the best.


I work as a staff writer for a newspaper and see my work published weekly, but I have never had the avenue to publish my poetry and fiction. Swyers Publishing has been great for that venue! It has been such a pleasure to publish my work through Swyers Publishing. They are very professional, yet at the same time they are very warm and helpful, possessing a personal touch that the publishing world sadly lacks. They are successful in their goal to assist writers trying to get their work published early in their writing career. They say that they are out there to help out new writers get their foot in the publishing world, and they do exactly that. Whether it is through contests or providing affordable and helpful routes through the often confusing world of publishing, Swyers Publishing is there to lend a hand. Personally, I will stick to Swyers Publishing for all my future publishing needs.
- Nicholas Trandahl

With their fresh and original editions Swyers Publishing brings interesting books to the world.
Beside they have a pleasant way of dealing with their authors.
- Hannie Rouweler, poet (Belgium)

It was a great pleasure to work with Pam and Bill Swyers on the publication of my mystery novel, "Mother, Murder and Me." Pam and Bill were very professional, careful editors. My relationship with Swyers Publishing was an excellent experience.
-Sandra Gardner. Gardner's novel, "Mother, Murder and Me," was a winner of Swyers Publishing's 2011 First New Author (fiction) Contest and was published in 2012.


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Pamela Swyers' book The Dream Dweller has been released More Info...

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