September 1, 2017 - Letter from the Editor in Chief

"For those who have never been involved in the process, publishing is, well, it's quite a process, indeed. For Swyers Publishing, I am the final word, the editor-in-chief, so for those projects involving other people's writing, I am, if possible, even more anal than I am with my own stuff.

With my own books, I have my editor, (she's mine, you can't have her; Laura Richardson Marshall), my cold-readers, friends and family that I get involved, and there is little that makes it past all of us. Very little, but it is possible.

THEN the manuscript goes into formatting, and that sometimes reveals new and all-together different issues, or, even sometimes causes new issues. (Spacing, fonts, paragraphs, tabs, etc...) And sometimes I send off for a proof copy and get it back and it is all kinds of dorked up.

It can be quite daunting, time-consuming, and costly, especially for an Independent like me, BUT I love it! It is my passion, (or one of them).

I love the written word with a passion (sorry to be redundant, but there is nothing else to best describe it). I love writing, poetry, painting, and I absolutely adore being able to help others explore their creativity. I love helping other writers experience that feeling of being published for the very first time. There's nothing like it in this world.

Finding a thread of a gift inside someone and tugging at that thread with them, pulling it out, fleshing it out, encouraging it... There is simply nothing else like it."

Pamela Swyers

Publishing and the Unknown Author

For many, the dream of being published has proven to be just too difficult to achieve. Every day brilliant writers are turned down for publishing contracts, which can be so disheartening to an aspiring writer. Book publishing, particular for those who write novels, poetry or any other type of creative writing, seems to have gotten harder and harder in the last fifty years. Is this because there are more and more good writers out there? Possibly. Is it because the industry is swamped with manuscripts and submissions, many from the uneducated and unprofessional? Maybe. One thing is for certain, though. In an industry where the internet is now allowing for more and more writers to get their work out there, we certainly have an over-abundance of unproven, unknown writers trying to get someone to look at their book and take it and them seriously.

For those large well-known publishing companies I can only imagine how overwhelming it is. I sometimes think they have completely shut down their capacity to find new, talented authors, and perhaps out of sheer exhaustion. Imagine having to read through about a thousand manuscripts looking for one or two that even deserve a second look. The problem is, when you are dealing with that sort of volume, things get missed. Books get missed. Poetry gets missed. Talent gets missed. This is exactly why Independent publishers are so necessary.

An Indie publisher has the ability and the desire to look closely at everyone's work. We may have a pile of fifty manuscripts to look over, rather than a thousand or more. We're in it for the love and the passion for books and authors. It is an Indie publisher's dream to pick up that manuscript off the pile and really read it thoroughly, and find that they have a gem in their hands. We specialize in the new, unproven but talented author. We look for raw talent that needs a little help. And when we look, we find.

We at Swyers Publishing have been blessed to find some needles in our haystacks. We have helped many new poets see their work published in our anthology Making Waves. We have helped new novelists see their novel in print. We have found talent that others have over-looked.

We exist to find and assist aspiring and previously unpublished authors, to give them a "leg up" in the process of getting published. We have contests that allow the winners to be published absolutely FREE. We make ourselves available for free advice and are glad to answer questions at any time. We offer that personal touch that is sorely lacking. No form letters from us. Acceptance or rejection comes from a personal email from me.

Independent publishing companies are on the rise. We are one of many who are helping to bridge the gap between the author and his/her dreams. We seek to be the best and hope authors allow us the privilege but however they get there, we hope they get there. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Pamela Swyers
Partner & Editor in Chief

Go to our Services tab to see our game-changing low prices. We are not a publish on demand (POD) publisher, so you will have to submit your work for acceptance, but if we agree that we would like to publish your work, we work closely with you to get it done with as little cost to you as possible.


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