List of Poets for the Swyers Publishing Poetry Anthology Volume One: Making Waves


If your name appears on the following list, this means that at least one of your poems has been chosen to be published in the Making Waves Anthology. Pam will be in contact with you about proofing your work before printing. If you would like clarification on which one(s) have been chosen, you may contact Pam via email. Thanks to all who submitted your work. The book cover design is being nailed down now along with formatting and contacting poets for proofing. We will need a small black and white photo and a small single paragraph bio (if you would like this included in the publication).

Contact: Pam Swyers

Anwer, Yaseen
Ball, Cassie
Banerjee, Nilgrib
Bannon, Michael J.
Barnes, Kourtney
Blake, Rebecca
Bray, Kye Alexander
Brown, Yadyra
Bussanmas, Sky
Campbell, Garrett
Chauta, Shaun
Collins, Jamie
Columbich, Dario
Dawson, Thomas Alexander
Dressel, Mickey
Erasmus, Agnishia
Folb, Naomi
Green, Jennifer
Gunn, J.
Hale, Jane
Hinkle, Jennifer
Hoang, Cindy
Irvine, Emma
J, Makayla
Jordan, Owen
Laban, Rona
Loney, Nikita
Malloy, Martin
Maloney, Kevin
Marx, Joanna
Matthew, John P.
Mavin, Lee J.
McCrary, Glenn
Miller, Jay
Nelson, Brittany
Njoroge, Njoki
Pacini, Amy S.
Padilla, Michael
Perez, James
Poppen, Bill
Raghavan, Raamesh Gowri
Rouweler, Hannie
Silver, Tylor
Smith, Laraine
Snead, Brittany
South, Dillon
Thompson, Antony M.
Trandahl, Nicholas
Vallejo, Andrew
Ward, Chad
Wilds, Dimawi


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