2011 Swyers Publishing Annual New Author Contest

Sept 16, 2011 - Update

We are pleased as punch to announce the winners of the 2011 New Author Contest:

Nick Trandahl and Sandra Gardner will BOTH see their books published through Swyers Publishing. More info to come soon. These are two very talented authors and we couldn't be happier to take them on board with Swyers Publishing.


August 7, 2011 - Update

The deadline for the New Author Contest has arrived and we have reviewed the entries. Thank you to everyone that entered. The finalists have been notified and will be sending us the completed manuscript for review by the end of August. We want to make sure that we give enough time to each of the manuscripts so we will be announcing the winner at the end of September. From that point we will start working with the winner on getting the book into a final format for print. We are excited about this next phase and look forward to reviewing the books that have made it to our final round.


Starting in May 2011 Swyers Publishing will begin to accept submissions for the first annual new author project.

This year Swyers Publishing was proud to produce "Making Waves", a poetry anthology for previously unpublished poets. In order to continue our efforts to assist writers with the arduous task of getting their works published, we are proud to announce our next project for new authors.

We have decided that one way we can help authors is to have an annual event where they can submit their work to us and we will select one author (per year) to walk through the process of getting published (and will pay all set-up fees involved). As a small, indie publisher we do not have the ability to offer book advances, however, for anyone considering non-traditional routes, we will help you reach your goals. The winner of this contest will see their book formatted and printed and it will be listed on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble's online store. We will promote this person on our websites and Facebook pages and offer advice on selling and marketing their book. Author will receive 10 free copies. All this is yours at no cost to the author.

We will start accepting submissions on May 1st, 2011. The final date for entering your work will be August 1st, 2011. Authors will be required to submit the following for the initial submission phase:

A 500 word synopsis of the book, the first 5 chapters, a single-paragraph bio, and description of your goals for becoming a published author. This may be sent via email only as a MS Word doc to pam@swyerspublishing.com. Any entries before or after the dates specified will not be considered.

After the initial entry phase is closed we will review all entries and the top 5 will be selected from this list and move on to the final phase of the selection process.

The top 5 entries will submit their entire completed manuscript. Each manuscript will be reviewed carefully and thoughtfully. One entry from the five will be selected as the winner of the contest.

The winner will have their book published by Swyers Publishing at no cost to them. We provide the author with a finished proof of the book and 10 copies of the book once the proof has been accepted. The book will be available to purchase from major online retailers within a few weeks of proof acceptance.

Swyers Publishing typically charges a setup fee for their services. We are waiving all of these charges because we want to help one author a year get their book published. This is a $349 value (the book set-up alone). Swyers Publishing will help the author with generating the cover art and will format the book to the proper specifications for printing. All labor costs involved are being donated.

What does the author get?

  • They get their book published.
  • They get 10 copies of the book and 1 proof.
  • They get to help with deciding on the cover for their book.
  • They get to assist with pricing the book to maximize profits on book sales.
  • They get to be a part of the publishing process.
  • They can purchase copies of the books from Swyers Publishing at cost plus shipping.

Total value of prize (publishing costs, labor, etc. including the 10 copies): $2800.00

It is ultimately the author's responsibility to promote and market their work, although we will promote you on our sites (Facebook, SwyersPublishing.com, Twitter, etc.).

We will be accepting fiction entries only. All genres accepted with the exception of Erotica.

Get to work on your submissions and best of luck to you all!

Swyers Publishing



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