Submission Guidelines

  • All submissions should be sent using the Submission Form
  • Please type "book submission" in the subject line
  • We ask for the first 50 pages of the document only be sent initially, we will contact you if we would like to see the entire manuscript.
  • All submissions should be in MS Word format
  • Please include your full name, phone number and your City and State
  • Tell us a bit about yourself: Have you had any writing experience? Taken any classes? What is your ultimate goal in publishing?
  • Note-We look favorably on manuscripts that incorporate the following: Strong character development, an obvious grasp of spelling, grammar and punctuation, and at least a basic knowledge of sentence structure. If your initial 50 pages are a mess and need hours of editing, we will not be accepting your work for publication. We love stories with a redemptive or positive ending, though this is not a prerequisite.
  • Submission of work using the Submission Form will not enter you in any contests that Swyers Publishing may have available. Please use the appropriate submission methods for contests.

List of themes/genres we publish:

Poetry, Fiction--including Women's Fiction (Chick Lit), Mysteries, Thrillers, General Fiction/Literature, Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Non-fiction: Self-improvement, Religious/Spiritual (We do NOT publish heavy, graphic romance or Erotica)

We only accept full length novel submissions from the previously unpublished author.

If you choose to allow us to view your work for possible publication, please go to Services tab to view a listing of our game-changing low prices. Once we accept your manuscript for publication, half payment is due up-front and half upon release date of publication. Our fees are supremely low and exist only to help us off set production costs. We are a family-owned Independent Publisher, and as such must charge a reasonable fee for the printing of your manuscript. We are NOT a POD (publish on demand) publisher.


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